“Beside you” ready. Acknowledgements

The first music video of our pilot project is ready. We already had an amazing wrap up party but I want to officially thank all the most relevant people who made this video possible! First and foremost I would like to warmly thank producer M.R. who believed in this project from the beginning and allowed us to produce this classic. Mario Maneri, the brilliant composer/performer (we made it Mario!),  actors Giulia Perelli and Gianmarco Tavani (resting on the Circeo beach in the picture below). Thank you guys: Giulia, you have been really generous during the entire shooting, extraordinary, I won’t forget it. 😉  Gianmarco, well… you have been a surprise for all of us. Thanks also to Valentina Chisci for her supporting role. Thank you all for your friendship. It’s been a blast! Then, thanks a lot to my assistant director Francesca Bellucci, (there is no kinship with the famous Monica) she took a budget production to a higher level, spending brilliantly all the money at our disposal. Thanks to my set designer Louise Unger for her sensational assistance in the interiors. Thanks to DP Francesco Ciccone who jumped on board in a very sporty manner. Very Special Thanks also to Pia de Solenni: Pia you provided me with some very interesting cultural advices that improved this work; to Megan Donley, for the time you gave us in the preproduction phase helping out with the first draft of this song; to Laura Montorio, Valerio Paolini, Enrico Nofri, for their friendly guidance through the screenwriting process. Last but not least,  Alexander Stolberg…whose merciless tips are always valuable. Well, this is all for now. As you know the three music videos are going to be released at the same time, so for the time being, keep the link secret! 😉 Have a great day, Manuel de Teffé

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