“BESIDE YOU”. Acknowledgements part II

Before announcing that we are currently in pre-production on our second music video, I want to thank all the people involved in the party sequence for “Beside you”, who worked until 4 in the morning exceeding everybody’s expectations.

To start with, the fabulous Mago Pablo (in the picture),

Gamey Guilavogui, Cristina Chicarella, Roberta Cancedda, Rocco Giordano, Giuseppe Marra, Oriana Boselli, Boschi Derek, Giulia Ronch, Manfred Croci, Belviso Luisa, Daniele Marchetti, Marta Parise, Simona Nobili, Giovanna Basile, Alessio Masci, Domenico Milano, Debora Pappalardo, Paolo Zamparelli, Stefano Ventucci, Marco Mascaro.

Well, I hope I have not forgotten anyone. Thank you guys for all your patience and for having fun with us until late!

Manuel de Teffé

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