“God’s plan”. Acknowledgements – part II

Derek Ryan and Daria Bayklova

Finally some time to properly thank the whole team behind this second video. I would like to start thanking my friend Gerry Brown (former Wot Nxt’s producer) for introducing me to Derek Ryan. A special thank to Derek, who believed in the project and trusted me: we’ve been talking on the phone since November and we never met until his arrival in Rome. And yes, it’s been an honor to work with you as well Derek! Thanks to my assistant director Francesca Bellucci and her crazy upbeat attitude, she had to reorganize several times the whole production because of an unprecedented bad weather that persisted shamelessly for the entire month of May.  DP Francesco Ciccone, who was looking forward to flying to ireland (our first plan) and ended up coping with a huge studio in Rome instead (our second back up plan). Paolo Fidemi (www.studiofidemi.it) who immediately understood the actress I was looking for. Our russian actress Daria Bayklova, whose iconic interpretation of the bride has been flawless. Olivia and Daniele Taddei, whose special care at their STUDIOS (www.studiosinternational.com) made us feel at home during the whole working process. Many thanks to assistant producers Gamey Guila and Cosimo Caroppo, make up artist Tiziana Troiano, hairdresser Anna Solazzi, wardrobe assistant Louise Unger and Bledi Beqo. And a final very special thank goes to the fantastic Gabriella Costa and the Turris Eburnea’s friends: Silvia Leone, Francesca Lione, Valentina Ercolani, Rita Civiero, Giovanni Battista Borgiani, Carlotta Gomez, Maria Mazzetti di Pietralata, Chiara Mazzetti di Pietralata, Giuseppe Scicchitano, Emanuele Vincent, Maxi Unger: you guys have been really important for the outcome of this difficult project. You have no idea.

Manuel de Teffé

Derek Ryan’s impressions after the music video

When I arrived in Rome for the Gods Plan video shoot, I really did not know what to expect.  I paused for thought when I reached my hotel, thinking, the day I sat down to write this song, I never dreamed it would lead me to my first visit to Italy.  Its a funny world! I took a walk around the city on my first day to absorb a little of the atmosphere and culture of the city.  I was very impressed.  Believe it or not, I found it very emotional recording a video for a song I had created myself, not only writing it, but singing it, playing guitar on it and producing.   You could call it ‘my baby’.  I believe in this song. I found it natural enough to perform to camera singing the song. However, I must admit, I did need direction when it came to acting.  Manuel, Francesco and of course my ‘bride’ daria and the crew made me feel  more comfortable about myself and as the day went on, I hope with their encouragment I reached the level of performance they were looking for. Again, there were moments through out the shooting where I had reflected on the fact that everyone was there to make a video for my song.  It was a great honour for me and did make me feel proud of my achievement. I would like to thank all of the crew for making my experience so enjoyable. I met some lovely people, I do need to brush up on my Italian however!!! I would particularly like to thank Manuel for organising everything, but more importantly capturing the essence of the song in the filming.  He listened to my thoughts on the song, the reasons for writing it, my emotions at the time and with a simplistic approach portrayed these feelings perfectly, enhancing the mood of the song with his imagery.

Thank you everyone and best of luck with all your endeavours.

Derek Ryan

God’s plan’s backstage

The shooting is over and Derek flew back to Ireland despite the vulcano ashes from Iceland. Here’s some pics from the STUDIOS.

Noemi Sirtore’s athletes and Manuel de Teffé

Derek Ryan on set

Daria Bayklova

Manuel de Teffé, DP Francesco Ciccone and the crew