“For Greater Glory” – Premiere in Rome

Yesterday I was at the premiere of FOR GREATER GLORY, a very bold historical movie produced by Pablo Barroso (in the picture with me) and starring Andy Garcia (probably his best performance ever) Eva Longoria and Peter O’Toole. The movie deals with a series of incredible events  happened in Mexico in the 20’s and hidden by many history books. An oversight? May be. The plot: Calle’s government stops any religious freedom and as a consequence of that the mexican people react fighting fiercely against it. This latest cut is quite admirable: this film does not show good people VS bad people, it just depicts a raw reality many historians preferred not to face. Andy Garcia is majestic. My role in the movie: a few years ago I had to write a few treatments and put together a huge historical research to reconstruct what was lost. Incredibly enough Time magazine was of great help: they keep their entire archive online and one can have access to all the facts, unbiased. I also drew a storyboard for a complicated movie sequence, you can find on this blog. Congratulations to Pablo, I’m sure that this movie will raise awareness towards a great untold story. Well done my brave friend!

Manuel de Teffé

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