Eos 1D C 4k footage: HD gets real. Thanking Canon Deutschland CPS

I would like to publicly thank Canon Deutschland CPS for letting me test the amazing Canon Eos 1D C. The camera is able to produce an extraordinary super cinematic 4k footage. After watching what this jewel is capable of, my conclusion is that 4k is the real HD. End of story. I especially would like to warmly thank Mrs. Melanie Albert and Mr. Martin Wieser for assisting me during this test trial. In case people find hard transcoding to ProRes 4k files, here’s what Andrew Reid from Eos HD found out: easy as pie:  http://www.eoshd.com/2015/01/now-you-can-transcode-to-4k-prores-over-3x-faster-with-fcpx/


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