“Beside you” music video preproduction started: actress needed.

I just started the preproduction of a music video based on a song by Mario Maneri. The screenplay is ready and we are now looking for the right actress to play the main role.

An “international face” is needed. We want to shoot it in Europe… despite this severe winter. So, as soon as we spot the right girl we are ready to roll.

Even though the producers made it low budget for a strategy I am going to explain “live”, it’s bound to have a rather big mediatic exposure.

The idea would be to shoot it in Rome. I would like to thank Jörg Kretzschmar for the technical help he gave me in this delicate phase.

So, to get to the gist: we need an actress, aged 19-26. I do not want to describe perfectly the kind of girl we are thinking of, since we have other 2 music videos in a row to shoot, people might as well be selected later on to fit some other role….

Step forward please, and send us resume and a picture at the following address:


Manuel de Teffé

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